Monday, 23 July 2012

Kitchen Styles when Decorating

The kitchen is probably the main room of the house. When it comes to designing a kitchen there are many different options to consider, depending on your personal taste.  Below are some styles to consider when designing your kitchen.

1. Polished Concrete Kitchen

Concrete is a very basic and simple material but can have many different aspects. A polished concrete kitchen gives you a more industrial look. Concrete floors are especially practical in the kitchen and they can be beautifully complemented by modern furniture and stainless steel appliances.

2. Modern farmhouse kitchen.

A modern farmhouse kitchen is a combination of rustic and contemporary. The details and accessories will add the final touches

3. Elegant open space kitchen.
An open floor plan kitchen a great style for many reasons.  It allows you to open up the space by combining two or three spaces that were previously separate rooms and share the same space with the dining room or living area.

4. Modern, sleek kitchen.
The key to creating a sleek kitchen d├ęcor is to focus on the basics and give up all the unnecessary elements. The furniture, the same as the whole interior, needs to be minimalism, the colour combinations chic and stylish and everything has to be well organized and functional. You need to use all the space you have available and to try to hide the storage areas for a more uniform and continuous look.

8. Colourful kitchen.
Regardless of the style and approach you choose for your kitchen, the choice of colours is very important. A colourful kitchen will offer as being fresh and airy whereas a too simple kitchen will seem monotonous and dull. You don’t necessarily have to mix many colours for successful results. 


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