Tuesday, 11 February 2014

10 Colour Pairs for the New Year

Looking at adding some colour to your home, 
the New Year most popular paired colours for your home are:

Green apple and brown are mellow and 
relaxing pair is perfect for a funky, boho bedroom.

Grey and White give a more of a modern look,  
slight grey shade accented by a beautiful aqua tone would work well.

 A clean palette to decorate on, twine and a creamy white creates a warm, welcoming look without becoming too dull or traditional. 

Peony purple and meadow are cool colours that gives off rich, warm vibes.

White and opal blue are a calming, serene combination.

 Another great way to make a statement and unique decision in the kitchen is with this incredibly original duo - Vintage rose and stainless steel.

 For something feminine without the frill try this beautiful, sophisticated colour combination of light peach and coral.

 Completely outside-the-box and different, eggshells yellows are refreshing and clean but when paired with a dark, pesto green you’ve got something a bit masculine and full of fashion-forward style.

 Salmon hasn’t been trending for years, but this year, when paired with gold, you’ve got a contemporary, sophisticated look that’s easy to accent. Whether vintage or bohemian styles, this pair works for a variety of rooms.

 Lively and fresh, marigold and oatmeal white makes for a spacious living room or home office. Use funky accents to create personality and texture.

 Harry & Emmanuel

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